Learn a practical, effective, modern self-defence, combat and martial arts based system.

KRAV MAGA SYSTEMS - self-defence training

Learn a practical, effective, modern self-defence, combat and martial arts based system.


The Krav Maga Systems Advantage.

A Modern System

Krav Maga Systems is based on core Krav Maga foundations. As a modern combat system it extends with Boxing, Muay Thai, Wrestling and other martial arts skills which adhere to our principles.

Authentic Krav Maga Training

We come from a direct lineage that can be traced to the founder of Krav Maga. The training we offer adheres to the principles and the foundation that Krav Maga was built on, and extends upon it.

Holistically focused

Building on the core foundation of Krav Maga Systems, you'll learn how to move, fight and survive many combat situations from stand-up, ground, close-quarters, multiple attackers and weapons attacks.

No 'BS' curriculum

Krav Maga Systems training material is revised and updated where required. Our goal is to provide you with a curriculum that's constantly adapted for relevance to modern day threats and attacks.

Scenario Training

Training on the mat under perfect conditions is not enough. You'll also be training Krav Maga Systems under the unpredictable conditions different environments can create.

Tactical Desicion Making

Most people don't realise the brain doesn't function the same under immense stress. Krav Maga Systems teaches you to adapt, improvise, and make the best choices when every second counts.

It isn't just about your fists

You'll learn the 'anatomy of conflict' and appropriate responses to various threat levels. This could mean talking your way out, walking away, or doing whatever it takes to survive.

Convenient Classes

There are a range of training programs to help you fit Krav Maga Systems training into your lifestyle. No matter the program you choose you'll be learning practical and effective knowledge and skills.

Krav Maga Systems:

Giving You Skills That Increases Your Confidence

krav maga training
Krav Maga Headlock Defence
krav maga kids training

Krav Maga Systems is dedicated to bringing you the most effective and up-to-date training and information relating to your personal protection. Like you, we believe having the ability to keep yourself safe is a right we all have. Many of us think we’ll never need such a skill and go on with our lives being none-the-wiser. Sure, you may never be a victim of violence, but how many victims thought it’d happen to them? 

“It’s better to know and not need than it is to need and not know”.

This is the philosophy that guides everything we do at Krav Maga Systems.

Like the many thousands of students we have trained over the past 15 years know, there is no better feeling than having peace of mind and being confident in your ability to protect yourself. So, why not join them and give yourself the knowledge and skills that you know you need.

At Krav Maga Systems self-defense classes, we are dedicated to helping everyone learn combat skills in a fun, safe and engaging environment. No matter what your experience level, our classes will provide you with the skills and knowledge you need to protect yourself and your loved ones. Join us and learn Krav Maga Systems!

What will I learn at Krav Maga Systems?

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Training with resistance.

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Defending real-world attacks.
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Understanding the stages of conflict.

Top 10 krav maga Systems benefits

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Learn simple and effective Krav Maga Systems techniques, tactics and principles to defend yourself in real-world threatening situations.

Krav Maga Systems is physically challenging and will help you lose fat, build muscle and improve your overall well-being

You’ll quickly start making physical achievements you never thought possible, providing a tremendous boost to your self-confidence

Modern life is stressful, but with Krav Maga Systems, you’ll be better able to handle whatever challenges life throws your way

Training as part of a team is enjoyable as everyone assists and encourages each other to greater achievements.

The techniques and tactics you’ll gain with Krav Maga Systems require discipline which you’ll be able to implement in all other aspects of life.

Krav Maga Systems requires a strong sense of what is going on around you, ensuring you’re always aware of your surrounds.

 Krav Maga Systems is constantly evolving and based on practical, logical strategies.

Our team are knowledgeable and skilled instructors, with training to the highest international standards.

With the skills you’ll acquire at Krav Maga Systems, you’ll have the confidence you need to face the world without any fear!

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