About Krav Maga Systems

Krav Maga Systems is Australia’s leading school for practical self-defence and combat training.

We focus on providing a serious, holistic education to all our students, in a supportive and engaging learning environment where you can thrive and grow.

Krav Maga Systems is based on core Krav Maga foundations. As a modern combat system it stays true by extending with other martial arts skills and training methods which align to KMS principles and way. 

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By focusing on the “big picture,” we train you physically, mentally and emotionally to face the world with confidence and strength.

As Australia’s leading hub for Krav Maga trainers, our trainers represent the pinnacle of the profession in the nation. We are constantly adapting, incorporating new techniques into our skill sets. As one of our students, you benefit from that ongoing professional development by constantly being exposed to the latest adaptations and enhancements from around the world.

Our structured courses are designed to provide you with a pathway from beginner to highly-trained combatant. At each stage, you will acquire new self-defence skills and competencies. Through regular exposure to simulations of real-world threats, Krav Maga’s fighting system will train you to think and react quickly, dramatically improving your odds of survival and enhancing your personal protection.

Your brain will no longer paralyse you with fear. We’ll help you conquer your fears and prepare you for any danger.

The training you’ll receive at Krav Maga Systems is simple, direct and efficient. Our focus is on practical and effective strategies that are easy to understand and relevant to modern-day threat profiles.

By working with a wide range of charitable and communal organisations to provide self-defence skills to all those in need, we are helping improve security across the community.

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What Is Krav Maga Systems?

Krav Maga Systems is a modern self-defence, fightng and combat system.

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