Community Self-Defence Programs

Specialised Training For Your Community Organisation

Krav Maga Systems is committed to helping our local community whenever possible.

We believe ALL people can benefit from Krav Maga – whatever their physical capabilities.

Every person should have the ability and knowledge to stay safe. This is a right that everyone is entitled to.

Book a personal training session

Who can participate? Either yourself, or a small group up of up to 
Training Location: North Rocks
Appointment schedule:  Contact us by phone or email for an up-to-date schedule
Training duration: Sessions can be done as ‘one-offs’ or in 5 and 10 week blocks (all renewable at the end).

How to start:

What will I learn?

You can choose to go through any ofthe group programs, or you can chose specific areas of self-defence that you wish to focus on. 

Sessions will teach you practical self-defence skills, boost your confidence, and develop your physical attributes such as fitness, strength, power and agility.



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need more info?

Call us on 1300 532 765  or send a message to discuss how Krav Maga self-defence training can change your life for the better.