Military Krav Maga

The problems that a military person deals with in conflict are quite different than the problems a civilian generally faces, so the application of techniques, principles and solutions will vary. It is worth noting that a expert/black level Krav Maga Instructor in Krav Maga Systems has strong technical and practical application experience in all sectors (civilian, mi, le, security)

For example in this Core program an officer will learn how to deal with machine gun threats, pistol threats and so on from day 1. These are not common problems for civilians so they don’t generally learn this early on. The application of a Krav Maga technique for military use could potentially be to terminate the threat completely, where a civilian will normally only need to neutralise a threat so that they can get away.

To learn the military application of Krav Maga, it is assumed you have a basic knowledge in the core building blocks of our Fundamentals program.

Military Krav Maga

Specialised Training for Military Personnel

Our military training programs are specifically designed to expand the skill set of military professionals.

While certain elements of basic Krav Maga techniques are still taught, the focus of our military drills differ from civilian training.

Greater emphasis is placed on skills that would be highly relevant in a combat situation, such as disarming an enemy combatant, dealing with an active shooter situation and how to prevent your weapon being taken off you in a volatile and violent context.

Our military training follows the same basic philosophical principles as civilian Krav Maga, however it has a more specific focus.

As a self-defence system that was developed for the Israeli Defence Force, Krav Maga is highly adaptable to a military context.

If you’re keen to explore the way Krav Maga can assist your military training and preparedness, contact us today for further details.

Book a personal training session

Who can participate? Either yourself, or a small group up of up to 
Training Location: North Rocks
Appointment schedule:  Contact us by phone or email for an up-to-date schedule
Training duration: Sessions can be done as ‘one-offs’ or in 5 and 10 week blocks (all renewable at the end).

How to start:

What will I learn?

You can choose to go through any ofthe group programs, or you can chose specific areas of self-defence that you wish to focus on. 

Sessions will teach you practical self-defence skills, boost your confidence, and develop your physical attributes such as fitness, strength, power and agility.



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