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    Sydney Stabbings

    Sydney Stabbings Propels Urgent Local Action to Provide Free Self Defence Training

    Sydney, NSW, April, 2024 – Over the weekend and the last few days, multiple victims were brutally murdered or injured while shopping, at school or at Church, which we generally consider to be safe areas. These violent crimes take away an individual’s right to live freely without fear and conflict, and no one should have to fall victim to these attacks.

    Kurt Colpan, Self Defence Expert & Chief Instructor of Krav Maga Systems speaks out about this crime. ‘It’s devastating! These horrific knife attacks took place in public areas; Bondi Junction Shopping Centre, the local church and school. It’s really quite shocking and unfortunately these situations are at the worst end of the spectrum. It’s propelled us to take some massive action in our community to help give people a chance to survive.’’

    This Masterclass series will teach you techniques and tactics on how to defend yourself and others against knife attacks to help increase survivability!!!


    In response to the violent crimes that we Sydney citizens have witnessed, we have decided to offering these Masterclasses to you and the community without any fee. If you wish to donate, all proceeds will go to Beyond Blue charity. 

    The information you will learn over 4-weeks will give you the understanding and ability to increase your chances of survival in a knife attack. 

    Details for these Masterclasses:

    Time: 8am to 10am
    Dates: April 27th, May 4th, May 11th & May 18th
    Location: The Lake Neighbourhood Centre, Spearmint Street, The Ponds NSW 2155

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    sydney stabber
    Church Stabbing

    What will you learn?

    • Basic knife defence principles to increase your ability to survive in a dangerous situation against an armed attacker
    • Techniques and tactics against common threats and attacks Vs knife 
    • How to use the environment to your advantage
    • Discover ways you can protect others who are being attacked

    Please note: These Masterclasses are designed to be basic to give you a solid overview of how to survive knife attacks. Follow up classes and Masterclasses will be recommended to go further with the knowledge and training. 

    Benefits for you:

    • Increase your confidence
    • Learn a tried and tested method to defence
    • Feel safer in your everyday life
    • Have fun learning something new
    • Gain knowledge that you can share with others

    Our Guarantee:

    We guarantee to teach your practical self-defence skills that will give you and others the chance to survive an unpredictable and violent knife attack. 

    About Masterclass:

    Masterclass is our program delivering specialised Krav Maga knowledge in the form of a workshop or seminar. Unlike most Krav Maga schools, we don’t charge you separately for all this added information, but rather it’s included in your 2-year membership.

    In this case though, we’re offering it free to the community as well, given the tradgic events of Sydney Stabbings, the Church stabbings and so on.

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    Out of stock

    Looks like we're booked out - join the waitlist. We will inform you when a spot becomes available. Please leave a valid email address below.


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