Essential Fighting Tactics Workshop


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Master the Fundamentals: Essential Fighting Tactics Workshop!

Join us for a beginner-friendly 1.25-hour workshop designed to give you a broad understanding of effective fighting tactics. This session provides a comprehensive overview of essential techniques and strategies for self-defence.

What to Expect:

  • Core Techniques: Learn the five methods to attack, including reliable fakes and feints.
  • Philosophy and Strategy: Understand the KMS attack/defence philosophy and skills to outsmart an assailant.
  • Practical Applications: Practice attack combinations and sequences to gain an edge in self-defence situations.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Step-by-step instruction on core fighting techniques
  • Drills to practice and reinforce key skills
  • Tips on situational awareness and making smart decisions under pressure
  • Preparation for Advanced Fighting Tactics


When: Saturday, 3rd of August at 8:00 am
Where: The Lake Neighbourhood Centre, The Ponds
Cost: Free for members, $30 for the public

This seminar is ideal for anyone looking to build a solid foundation in self-defence. Whether you are new to self-defence or looking to refine your skills, this workshop will provide valuable insights and practical knowledge. Join us for a transformative experience that will boost your confidence and self-defence capabilities.

We look forward to helping you master the fundamentals of fighting tactics and boost your confidence in self-defence.


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