Kids Anti-Bullying Workshop


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Anti-Bullying For Kids: Empowering Children with Confidence and Skills

Join us for a comprehensive 1.25-hour workshop designed to teach kids how to recognize and effectively deal with bullies. “Anti-Bullying For Kids” focuses on essential skills for avoiding, dissuading, and, if necessary, directly addressing bullies.

What to Expect:

  • Recognition and Avoidance: Learn how to identify bullies and understand their behavior. Kids will gain the knowledge to recognize potential bullying situations and the skills to avoid them.
  • Non-Violent Strategies: Discover multiple non-violent and non-aggressive ways to deal with bullies in various forms. The emphasis will be on de-escalation and conflict resolution.
  • Basic Krav Maga Skills: While the primary focus is on non-physical options, we will also introduce some basic Krav Maga striking techniques. Topics include:
    • How to defend against a sucker punch
    • How to defend against shirt grabs

Workshop Highlights:

  • Emphasis on non-physical solutions and conflict avoidance
  • Introduction to physical skills for dealing with more serious situations
  • Practical exercises and role-playing to reinforce learning
  • Building confidence and resilience in children


  • Duration: 1.25 hours (8:00 am – 9:15 am)
  • Cost: Free for members, $30 for the public
  • Date & Time: July 6th, 2024
  • Location: The Lake Neighbourhood Centre, The Ponds

Please note: While the training will focus on non-physical options, a small portion of the workshop will be dedicated to teaching essential physical skills. If your child is not currently studying self-defence on a regular basis, we recommend considering future workshops.

We look forward to empowering your child with the skills and confidence to handle bullying situations effectively.


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