Kids Masterclass


On this afternoon we will be running a Masterclass for your kids at The Ponds Community Hub.

This event will be focused on helping your child understand and develop their technical and tactical knowledge of Krav Maga Systems. We will go through the curriculum to help them enhance their skills and be better for when we test them.

We will also be running specialised topics during this session that could include character building, scenario drills and training on relevant material.

All kids from all locations are welcome to this event!

Please note: At this stage, we are only scheduling the first Kids Masterclasses for the year. That’s because we’re opening two new locations and need to ensure we have new students for those classes. Assuming we reach our goals, Masterclasses will be spread out to the other venues.

Time: 5pm to 7pm
March 10th, 2023
KMS, The Ponds

About Masterclass:

Masterclass is our program delivering specialised Krav Maga knowledge in the form of a workshop or seminar. Unlike most Krav Maga schools, we don’t charge you separately for all this added information, but rather it’s included in your 2-year membership.

To top it off, all these programs are now in-class programs, meaning you don’t need to find time on a weekend to do the training. Just show up to class on your day and you’re good to go. With this membership, you’ll save yourself hundreds of dollars learning this information, and it’s given to you in entirety over the period of a year.

Krav Maga Systems believes that when you come to learn Krav Maga, that you get access to all the information without any barriers. While you will touch on these topics within your normal class schedule, this information will take your knowledge to a higher level, ensuring you are in the know.


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