Improvised Weapons Workshop With Amnon Darsa


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Australia Eastern Standard Time (AEST): Saturday 6th of June at 5pm

Amnon Darsa is one of the leading specialists in Krav Maga. He is one of Senior Instructor Kurt Colpan’s Instructors and friends and has been for almost two decades. He is an Expert 5 in Krav Maga and has been training for over 30 years.  Originating from Israel, Amnon will be running this workshop on the topic of ‘improvised weapons’.

This is an amazing opportunity to train with someone of his calibre and have a look at how to use improvised weapons in your house and overall environment. It will give you a chance to meet him, ask questions and get some experience with another instructor. Most importantly you’ll get a good workout and you’ll learn a heap while having fun!

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