Women’s Self-Defence Workshop: Ground Fighting & Survival Module


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Learn practical and effective self-defence principles and techniques that can increase your safety and feelings of confidence!

After  introducing Krav Maga to the women of Port Stephens community, we have decided to follow up with our Women’s Self-Defence Workshop Series.

Starting with our first module in our women’s self-defence program, Ground Fighting & Survival, we will teach you how to fight and survive against threats from the ground. This is a very important piece of womens self-defence and the last place we want to you to be. Therefore, we’re starting here first.

You’ll learn ground survival such as:

  • Awareness & prevention principles and tactics
  • Basic striking tools (combatives)
  • How to fight from the ground
  • How to get up and get away fast
  • How to defend against various chokes and grabs
  • How to escape ground pins and holds
  • And more…….


This workshop is designed to give you a solid fighting chance against a threat that is ground specific.

Details for this workshop:

Topic: Women’s Self-Defence (Krav-Maga) Workshop
Time: 13:00 to 15:00 (be prepared for a little longer)
Date: 22nd May, 2021
Location: Our Gym @ Nelson Bay
Age: All ages from 13+

Come and join us, we’d love to have you there!

No special equipment required. Just dress comfortably and bring some water.

Follow-up workshops include:

  • Defending Chokes & Grabs (standing)
  • Defending Punches & Slaps
  • Defending Hairpulls
  • Defending Headlocks
  • Defending Sticks & Knife
  • Defending Multiple Attackers
  • And more….


Please note that our Combatives Modules are being taught in pieces at the start of each module and may including standing techniques.


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