Women’s Self-Defence Online Workshop Series


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Build Confidence, Gain Practical Skills & Learn A New Skill

Learn Effective Self-Defence From Home

Get started in learning Krav Maga self-defence and fighting skills from the comfort and convenience of your own home. Whether you’re in lockdown or you find it easy to join, this course is available for up to 88 people for free.

Part 1 is designed to teach you the basics of Krav Maga and get you prepared for Part 2. If you continue past Level 2, you’ll be required to join us in person (if you can) for Part 3 of the series..

Topic: Women’s Self-Defence Workshop Series, Part 1
Where: Online Training
When: 10am Sunday August 1st
Duration: 1-hour class that runs for 5-weeks, every Sunday
Age: 13+

Discover what you learn in Part 1:

  • How to strike using open-hand strikes, punches, elbows, knees and kicks that are easy to learn and are practical for self-defence.
  • Learn how to stop someone from punching you or getting a hold of you using hand and body defences.
  • Gain the mindset and energy required so you can unleash in the face of danger!
  • Find out how to defend yourself on the ground and get back to your feet quickly.
  • Get instructions on how to use tools in your hand or environment for self-defence.
  • Become acquainted with Krav Maga principles for survival
  • And more…

Bonus Material:

Each practitioner who registered gets their Part 1: Women’s Self-Defence Manual to cover all the aspects that are hand to train online.

You will be required to cover that before the commencement of the workshop.

If you’re interested, please register below!


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