Women’s Self-Defence Training – Masterclass Series


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Women’s Self-Defence: Masterclass #1 is the beginning of this series and is suited for those of you who are new or looking to enhance your self-defence skills.
On this day we will begin by covering:
  • Krav Maga Systems Principles – these principles are the guiding ways of our system and important for everyone to know and understand. It forms the foundation of solid self-defence skills.
  • Basic Striking – here you’ll learn how to use your body as a weapon for self-defence.
  • Tactics – These tactics build off KMS principles and are aimed at ‘getting home safely’, as a goal for survival. 
  • Drills & Pressure Testing – here we will work towards putting all of these lessons in place. These drills will aim to simulate reality as close as possible in a safe way, aimed to build your ability to deal with the pressure of high intensity situations. 
$30 – Public Entry
Where: The Lake Neighbourhood Centre, The Ponds

When: Saturday 22nd, June

Time: 8am to 915am

Cost: $30 per session for public


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