The ‘wills’ and ‘wonts’ of Krav Maga training

The ‘wills’ and ‘wonts’ of Krav Maga training

Krav Maga is one of those self-defence systems that some people are afraid of trying. It’s gotten this reputation for being brutal, vicious and scary! While Krav Maga can be all of that, we feel that this image is pretty one dimensional.

There are many sectors Krav Maga training can be applied to. These include civilian, law enforcement, and military. Each sector brings with it a specific focus on technique, strategy and methodology. What one learns as a civilian for example can be different in its application and overall goal than as a soldier. The impact that training has on you will be slightly varied in each case.

This article brings to light what Krav Maga training will and won’t do for you as a civilian Krav Maga practitioner.

Krav Maga WILL:
  • Increase your confidence
  • Teach you how to defend yourself
  • Make you fitter and stronger (mentally and physically)
  • Teach you skills and knowledge that last a lifetime
  • Help you make new friends
  • Challenge constantly challenge
  • Improve your safety; plus a lot more.

All Krav Maga Systems training is conducted in a friendly, open environment where EVERYONE IS WELCOME, regardless of age, race, religion and anything else. Discrimination of any type is not acceptable.

We believe that Krav Maga  can be for everyone, no matter how hard or how soft you feel you are. Krav Maga will teach you to be safe and if you take it seriously, then you’ll gain some real solid ability in being able to protect yourself. 

Krav Maga WON’T:
  • Turn you into a soldier
  • Make you super aggressive and ant-social
  • Get you involved in any religious or political discussions
  • Try to convert you to any way
  • Get you beaten up

Krav Maga training gives one the tools needed to stay safe, like with any skill a person learns – what they choose to do with it is their choice. Our message when teaching our students Krav Maga is to use it for the end goal of surviving and getting home safe when your life (or life of  your loved ones), are threatened. Having a safety conscious facility with good vibes is most important to us, so if you’ve been thinking about Krav Maga and are a little afraid, we understand. We challenge you to go beyond how you feel and come and try a class.  The benefits of Krav Maga Systems training is huge!

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