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About this technique

dfdfdThis curriculum is for absolute beginners to Krav Maga Systems and to self-defence/fighting/combat training. It consists of the foundations of our training, primarily basic strikes and tools. Our belief is that this is the bread and butter of what we do, so even if you already have the basics, one should always practice them.

Principles of Krav Maga

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Krav Maga Theory:

+ Vital Points
+ Principles of Krav Maga 
+ Timeline of Conflict

Prevention Skills & Tools:

+ Environmental and spatial awareness in and out of training.
+ Communication using voice, body language and eye contact.

Combatives & Tools:

+ Foundational Footwork
+ Stances: Passive, Semi-Passive & Fighting Stance
+ Straight Punch & Palm Strike
+ Regular Front Kick
+ Defensive Front Kick
+ Low Roundhouse Kick (with shin and diagonal)
+ Straight Knee (with or without a-frame)

Self-Defence Tools:

+ Overview of Self-Defence Tools
+ Inside Defence with Palm or Forearm
+ Outside Defence (360) Vs Haymaker
+ Defending Low Roundhouse Kick
+ Defending Low Front Kick
+ Soft Wrist Grab Defences

Ground Fighting: 

+ Overview of Ground Fighting
+ Bridge
+ Strimp
+ Backward Getup
+ Sprint Getup
+ Kicking From Ground
+ Hand Attacks From Ground

More in this module
Straight Palm & Punch
Educational Stop Defence
How to strike correctly – avoid injury!
Foundational Footwork
Hammer Punch – Forward
Primary Stances