8 Safe Web Browsing Tips For Your Children

Here we have put together 8 points that will help keep your children safe while on the internet. Feel free to share this with them, however you choose.
  1. Do not give out any personal information such as your address, telephone number, parents name, work address, or anything that seems a little wrong to do, without asking your parents. Someone can use this information to locate you; there have been cases where peoplehave disappeared and never seen again, after giving information to someone they didn’t know. On the other hand someone can use this information to steal your identity. Always be careful what information you share with others.
  2. If something feels wrong, or something bad happens you must always tell your parents and/or the Police. Do this immediately.
  3. Never meet with someone you met on the internet without talking to your parents first. There have been many cases where an adult will pretend he is a child in order to meet them and kidnap them. If you want to meet with someone, then take a parent along and make sure you meet in a public spot.
  4. Talk to your parents before you post photos of yourself or friends/family on the internet. Sometimes what you think is appropriate to post isn’t appropriate with others. Always be sure that what you are posting is okay with your parents.
  5. Do not respond to any messages that are threats or of bad intention. Doing so just makes things worse, and makes you accountable for what you said. Take a step back, talk to your parents and let them inform the Police.
  6. Never give out your passwords to anybody. Once someone knows your password to things like your internet banking, or email, they can use it for malicious purposes.
  7. Check with your parents if you are going to download software and such, to ensure it is safe and not a virus or trojan.
  8. The last rule is ‘Be safe and responsible’.

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